A Quintessential Volunteer

  • Pam Sloate
  • For Pam Sloate, a dystonia patient, volunteering at Bachmann-Strauss is an opportunity for her to contribute to the Foundation's important work. Pam explains: "I'm well aware of the critical activities undertaken by the Foundation to advance medical research and improve the lives of people like me with dystonia. "I'm a current movement disorder patient at the Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia Center of Excellence at Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Susan Bressman, my clinician at the Center, is second to no one."
  • Diagnosed roughly 40 years ago, Pam said that dystonia affects her daily functioning. "It's a tremendous relief not to have to worry about the quality of my health care. I know I have access to the latest treatments and patient care is compassionate as well as state of the art," she continued.
  • With the constant challenges dystonia brings and the general lack of awareness, Pam finds that it's a great feeling to have people in her corner. Also, she has attended the Foundation's patient symposia, a tremendous resource that enables patients to meet others affected by dystonia.
  • Pam began her volunteer work at the annual Bachmann-Strauss Golf Invitational, where she felt welcome and was impressed by the commitment of Bonnie Strauss, the Foundation's Founder and President, and the entire staff. Pam wanted to show her appreciation and become more involved.
  • "The staff are caring individuals who go out of their way to let me know my efforts are appreciated, making my volunteer time immensely gratifying. Dystonia is a small community and really I'm just trying to do my part. I can't explain how it feels to give back, " Pam said proudly. She took part in Dystonia Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill, along with Foundation staff, and felt it was an honor to represent the concerns of the dystonia community to national legislators.
  • The Foundation's founder and president, Bonnie Strauss, has praised Pam for her dedication and excellent contribution. Bonnie said, "Pam's professional experience, her legal practice, nonprofit insights, and program administration background have really enhanced our team's resources. We're fortunate to have her volunteer with us."