Ways To Give

Your investment in the work of The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation continues to have significant meaning - enhancing the search to find better treatments and cures for dystonia and Parkinson's disease. Your generosity helps researchers shed light on dystonia and Parkinson’s disease, seeking innovative treatments and new drugs, helping many people become diagnosed and treated properly, and improves the quality of a patient's life. There are many ways to help.

Personal gifts to support our mission are appreciated at any time during the year.


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Gifts over $25,000 help fund specific donor interests, including research, educational programs, or clinical priorities.


Name a Piece of Eqiupment - $25,000+

New technology is driving the necessity for more modern equipment to study movement disorders.  We have a unique relationship with a number of institutions that have this demand.


Name a Fellowship - $50,000

Our one year Fellowship Program was designed to attract scientists to work in the fields of dystonia and Parkinson's disease.  Post-doctoral fellos drive the research enterprise.  You can fund a stipend and support for their position in a medical institutional setting.  This program is imperative to continue development of better treatments and to realize the ultimate goal of finding cures.


Name an Annual Research Grant - $65,000

Donations in the amount of $65,000 can fund a one-year research grant. You may name the grant and specify that your gift be applied to either dystonia research or to the overlap between dystonia and Parkinson’s disease.


Underwrite our Annual Think Tank - $75,000

Each year the Foundation brings together noted researchers and clinicians from around the world, who are experts in the fields of dystonia, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. With a specific program topic determined by our Scientific Advisory Board, the Think Tank provides insight into the most promising areas of research and informed recommendations of how we can best continue to impact progress and accelerate the pace of research.


Support a Junior Faculty Position - $100,000

Assist a junior faculty member starting a promising career by procuring a permenet position at a medical instiution in the area of movement disorders.  These are the people who will drive the new research.


Sponsor a Focused Area of Research - $200,000

This vital donation will enable us to direct a Request for Proposal (RFP) to specific researchers to encourage their work for one year in a high priority area as defined by our Scientific Advisory Board.


Sponsor a Drug Clinical Trial for Dystonia and/or Parkinson's Disease - $250,000-$500,000

Your support will help us move drugs from the discovery phase to the clinical trial phase.  This could untimately lead to better treatments for dystonia and Parkinson's disease.


Naming a Center of Excellence for Movement Disorders - $500,000

A multi-disciplinary center to handle movement disorders is a necessity to have in any area of the country.  It brings together the best neurologists, surgeons, psychotherapists, and genetic counselors as needed to confer about a patient's diagnosis in one place.  A coordinated treatment plan can be developed for the patients which is efficient, and can help change a patient's quality of life.


To discuss these giving opportunities, contact Rachelle Robert at (212) 682-9900 or email her for information at rrobert@bsdpf.org.

A range of underwriting opportunities is available including fundraising events, educational and research programs and grants, including Jake's Ride, the ING NYC Marathon, and the Annual Golf Invitational. Your company will be acknowledged for its invaluable support in all related Foundation publications, publicity, and reports.


Please contact Deborah Walsh at (212) 682-9900 or by email at dwalsh@bsdpf.org to discuss corporate sponsorships.

Many companies match their employees’ gifts – in full or in part – to nonprofit organizations like ours, making your gift even greater. Please ask your employer if they offer a matching gift option and, if so, be sure to let us know when you make your donation. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to see if they have a matching gifts program.


Please click here to make your gift or call Cheryl Corwin at (212) 682-9900 or email, ccorwin@bsdpf.org.

For research and general inquiries about The Bachmann-Strauss Foundation please call The Michael J. Fox Foundation at (212) 509-0995 x226 or email Veronique Enos Kaefer at venos@michaeljfox.org.

Or mail your inquiry to us at:

The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation c/o  P.O. Box 38016 Albany, NY 12203

Looking for a way to honor a loved one or celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, Personal Campaigns are a great way to turn a life celebration into a charitable opportunity. Whether it is a walk, bowl-a-thon, lemonade stand or whatever you dream up - your community events pair you passion for treatments and cures with grassroots fundraising. Your personal fundraising efforts are encouraged to undertake letter writing campaigns, walks/runs, and other customized fundraising events to benefit our Foundation.


Please contact us at (212) 682-9900 or by email at events@bsdpf.org for guidelines regarding personal campaigns and customized local events.

Memorial Gifts may be made in memory of a loved one, friend or colleague. We will send a letter to the family of the deceased acknowledging your donation. Special Occasion and Tribute Gifts - Commemorate a birthday, graduation, wedding, promotion, or celebration. We will send a card to the honoree acknowledging your thoughtful gift.


Please click here to make your gift or call Cheryl Corwin at ccorwin@bsdpf.org.

Planned giving options include bequests, whereby donors name The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation in their wills. Larger bequests can be designated to create Endowed Research Grants, a Center of Excellence, special programs, such as the annual Think Tank and Symposium. In each area, these specially endowed initiatives are listed in our annual report in perpetuity and memorialize and pay tribute to a donor or donor designee. Friends can also use current assets to create annuities and trusts that provide important tax benefits and life-long annual income for themselves and a loved one.


Your financial and legal advisors, in consultation with the Foundation and our Planned Giving consultants, can design gift arrangements suited to your individual circumstances. 


To discuss these options, please contact Rachelle Robert at (212) 682-9900 or by email at rrobert@bsdpf.org.


Are you thinking about donating to science?  You can support neurological research in finding treatments and cures for the future by donating to a Brain Bank.


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